​                    ​                     Anatomy for Bodyworkers                                                    w/ Dr. James Mally, N.D., CMT #9886         

​​Improve your massage skills by developing a sense of the muscle layers in your clients body. Join us for a fun experiential anatomy class designed for the massage therapist. Have fun making muscles out of clay and layering them on a skeleton model.

We will start with the deepest muscles and work our way to the surface, taking time to palpate the muscles on each other, and to explore stretches and bodywork techniques for each muscle. This is a wonderful kinesthetic way of learning that will give you a three dimensional sense of the muscles and improve your palpation and massage skills.

For the upper body we will focus on muscles of the back, neck, face, shoulders, arm, forearm and hand. We will look at thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome, and ways of working on the muscles and structures that can cause nerve impingement.

For the lower body we will focus on muscles of the abdominal wall, hip, thigh, calf and foot. We will look at sciatic pain, psoas tightness, IT band tightness, plantar fasciitis, and other problems of the lower extremity, exploring ways of working with these problems with an understanding of the relevant anatomy. 

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