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Sports Massage w/ Internationally Acclaimed Dr. James Mally 
To be held at Well Being Spa and Skin Care

Kings Beach, CA

The techniques you will learn in this Sports Massage workshop can help all of your clients, whether they are athletes or not. Most of the workshop is hands on, so you will learn many techniques that you can add to your toolbox. We start with theory, explaining the physiological principles that are the basis for the techniques. These principles include reciprocal inhibition, post-isometric relaxation, and strain-counterstrain. We then go to hands on work, where you will learn specific techniques for muscle cramps, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF stretching and facilitated stretching, soft tissue release techniques, and also a painless way of releasing trigger points using strain counterstrain techniques. We will cover injury evaluation and treatment, and show treatment strategies for sprains and strains and for many common sports injuries. Pre-event and post-event massage will also be covered. Please wear athletic attire for this workshop.