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Therapeutic Aromatherapy
w/ Kathleen Bailey CMT #15132, Aromatherapy & Touch Specialist

Therapeutic Grade Essential oils bring harmony into our lives through their chemistry, frequency, and intention. They have been revered for centuries for their restorative properties to body, mind and spirit.  Now more than ever before there is a conscious choice being made to explore means other than drugs to restore and maintain optimal health. Aromatherapy is becoming mainstream and is much more than just ‘smelling good’.  Containing the true essence of the plants they are derived from, essential oils are highly concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs.  They can be used in many different ways: The English model advocates massage. The French model includes both ingestion and undiluted topical application. The German model focuses on inhalation.

In this workshop, experience a combination of all three models to help yourself, your clients and loved ones (including children and pets) improve their health and wellness.  You will make products to take home and more importantly, you will see how essential oils can help us live longer, healthier, and happier lives.